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Gosh, is it April Already?

OK, so it’s been awhile since we updated the blog, since December 2007 to be exact….. So what’s been happening in the Scott household?

Big Baby News

If you haven’t heard the news, we’re expecting our first child on the 10th of September. Kate’s 17 weeks pregnant and doing well, no morning sickness so she’s not complaining! The belly is starting to grow and there’s a dire need for clothes, ah, an excuse to go shopping. :-) We know it’s going to be a little girl, and are starting to gear up for trying to fit a bub into our small home. Sure, the baby herself will be small (Kate hopes!) but babies seem to come with an awful lot of stuff. It’s all very exciting, if somewhat terrifying if you stop to think about it for too long.

House Update

In January we started painting the house, and what an amazing difference it has made! Lynne and Tim, Kate’s parents have been fabulous, putting in a couple of hard days labour to transform our house from the worst on the street, to really looking pretty darn good. We’ve gone for a grey, white and black colour scheme, and it’s looking fantastic. The front and back are almost complete, and we’re yet to start on the sides. We did have one side re-weather-boarded in early Feb (and the tiles in the bathroom fixed at the same time, very exciting!) so we’re really to roll. We also have a new screen door at the front, which is adding to the air of elegance the house is slowly developing.

And in Other News…

We attended Womad (the world music festival in Adelaide) for the first time, over the Labour Day long-weekend. Festival was great, weather was not (40 degrees for all three days), just very, very hot.

Andrew’s completed another subject in his Finsia (now Kaplan) course. One to go and he’ll have a certificate.

Kate went to Germany on a work trip, and managed to head over to Saltburn-by-the-Sea for Naomi and Charles’s wedding, congratulations again guys! She got to spend a couple of days with the newlyweds, enjoying the area including a trip on the Nth Yorkshire Moors Railway (including visiting the station used in the first Harry Potter movie).

Kate’s Mum and Dad successfully rented an office and unit, moved out of the family home of 30 years, and have just departed for a well deserved 6 weeks on the Continent, not that we’re jealous or anything.

Andrew’s Mum’s case seems to have finally been settled. Only (!) 5 years after her accident and the wheels of justice have finally turned.

Tyler Scott, Amelia Sutherland and Cassie Jackson were all welcomed into the world. Our new nephew is incredibly cute, as are Amelia and Cassie. (We’re not doing anything original by getting Up the Duff, nor by having a daughter, just following the emerging trend!).

Posted by Kate on Apr 06 2008 under Scott News

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