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Kate, Andrew and Harriet live in Melbourne, Australia. They’re have lots of friends (scattered around Australia and the world) and family (ditto). Hence the reason for this blog.

Romance between Kate and Andrew bloomed at a Melbourne University Choir camp and they got married in Feb 2004, twice, once in Melbourne and once in Perth, some 6 years after they met. In 2004-2005 they spent about a year overseas, living and working in the UK (Ipswich and London) and packing in as much travel as possible. In 2006 they brought their first house, which they are slowly doing up.

Andrew’s a displaced Perth boy (like so many of his kind) and has lived in Melbourne for the last 13 or so years. He works within the CTO at Telstra responsible for technology strategy around the next generation of service enablement/delivery infrastructure.  

Kate’s a Melbourne girl with a serious travel bug. She’s currently staying at home with Harriet, attempting to teach her the ways of the weekday world.

Harriet was born in September 2008 and is their much dotted-on first child.

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