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Relaxed start to 2010

Well I’d like to say that my monthly post is so late because of some amazingly exciting thing we’re been up too, but in reality it’s got more to do with the Winter Olympics, the return of rating season, and my much loved PlayTV on the PS3 – yay for being able to record television again!

We’ve had a very relaxed start to 2010. BBQs with family and friends, as January always brings about, plus the restart of activities such as playgroup. We’re loving our undercover outdoor area (affectionally know as the ‘baby jail’) which has proved itself great for entertaining but also for family dinners outside as well. After finally having the grass cut in early January (it really was at thigh height – well the weeds were) Harriet has also taken to the backyard like a native, roaming around and even walking on the grass in bare toes! The blow-up pool Harriet got for Christmas has also gotten a good work out over the hotter January days, as have all the water toys she also recieved. We certainly have a water baby on our hands.

In sad news our oven packed it in early in January, so we are now without the ability to roast, although borrowing Kate’s brothers little bench top oven is allowing us to bake muffins and the like. Luckily its BBQ season so this really isn’t an issue as yet. We also had a house-work day with Kate’s parents and fixed the running toliet (our water bill – eck!!) and the front screen door so it swings freely and we can now shut our bedroom door, which is lucky as Harriet has developed a love of Andrew’s clock radio which involves pushing all it’s buttons the second she can get close enough to do so.

So a quiet month in some ways but our little girl has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. She now runs all over the house, and loves to walk backwards and circle around. She has her first clear word ‘Up’, which she applies in all situations as it gets such a great response. She knows what most of her body parts are called, underarms and eyebrows being her two new favourites, although they may never be better than ears and eyes. She also likes to ‘sing’ along with her favourite songs, loves Play School and enjoys doing ’round and round the garden’ on her own hand. She’s also started climbing and has grown out of her first pair of shoes. She remains a delight and a joy, watching her develop is fascinating.

Hopefully I’ll be a little more timely with February’s post!

Posted by Kate on Feb 18 2010 under Scott News

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