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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010

We had the usual mad run up to Christmas. Kate and Harriet attended the playgroup Christmas party, the first time they’d been to an indoor playground. Harriet liked the ball pit, but only when Mummy was sitting on the edge, so Kate didn’t get to chat all that much with the other mums! Andrew and Kate also attended the annual ‘night-on-the-town Christmas party they go to, which was a lot of fun, and they have photographic evidence, courtesy of the photo booth, to prove it. Kate and Harriet also had a lovely time at the zoo with their two remaining Mother’s Group mums; all the kids loved the new seal enclosure which is really cool. We even managed to get the Christmas decorations up, including a new door wreath and the plastic Christmas tree, cleverly sitting atop a packing box and circled by our sofas to stop a certain H pulling off the decorations.

And on the 16th December Harriet took her first steps, and hasn’t sat down since. She was annoying Kate (who was trying to use the computer at the table) and was told that she should go and play with the washing basket, one of her all time fav activities, so she did, and she walked 7-8 steps to get there. Since then her favourite past time is walking up and down the corridor, random items in hand, she’s sleeping well! She likes to drop and pick up new items every room or two, so we have to search the whole house should something be missing. So far the quest for the car key and Andrew’s mobile have been the most annoying (Andrew sets his mobile to vibrate, so we couldn’t ring it to find it!). It’s really opened up her horizons and she’s loving wandering around under her own steam.

As we were heading to Perth this year for Christmas Day we hosted the Parsons’ clan the weekend before Christmas for Christmas at our place. Using the trusted and much loved Donna Hay magazine we produced a meal to be proud of, roasted pork belly with apples, potatoes and beans, plus semi-freddo with almonds and cranberries. It was a lovely day, even if Harriet did freak out when she found out that the family had assembled whilst she had been napping. Presents were exchanged, Harriet having the whole family in fits of laughter as she tried to get into the picture of a pool on the box of her new inflatable pool. Obviously the kids in the photo where having fun, why couldn’t she join in?! And the best bit? Having the space to host everyone comfortably, without having to have people sitting on each other’s laps at lunch!

And on the 23rd Dec we jetted off to Perth, looking forward to seeing everyone, but uncertain as to what Harriet would make of the flight and the time difference. And she surprised us with both, behaving sensationally on the plane (when the woman in front of Kate put her seat back and we had to ask her to raise it again as that meant Harriet could no longer fit on Kate’s lap she remarked ‘Oh I didn’t realise you had a child back there!’ – could there be higher praise?!), and adjusting after only 1 day to the 3 hour time difference.

And did we have a great time in Perth? Yes we did. A lovely Christmas day with the family, as always, and then, as we were there for 11 nights, we gradually saw everyone, rather than ramming it all into 7 days as we have done in the past. Harriet and her cousin Tyler formed a strong bond, with Harriet acting as Tyler’s shadow every time he came to visit. We made use of Andrew’s parents’ pool, with Harriet showing off in her Zogg (thanks Uncle Dan!), Kate read two books, Andrew baked biscuits and made Nuts and Bolts and a very relaxed and peaceful time was had by all. We even managed to have friends over for dinner, whilst staying at a friend’s place while the were in Melbourne with their family. Want to try something odd? Host dinner guests at someone else’s house!

Hope your festive season was spent with friends and loved ones, wishing you all a very happy start to 2010.

Posted by Kate on Jan 05 2010 under Scott News

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