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A quiet November

Too cute

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Well after the craziness of the recent months we decided that we need a bit of a holiday, and the Melbourne Cup weekend seemed like a great idea. We toyed with the idea of heading down to Queenscliff but that was deemed too difficult, holidaying when you have a one year old takes on a whole new level of planning, so instead we had a holiday-at-home. We ate takeaway, slept in (in turns!), discovered our new local area by doing a couple of nice walks and generally chilled out. All house improvement activities were banned so there was a lot of newspaper reading and general relaxing. Harriet also decided that this was a great time to go down to one sleep, which lead to a lot of slow sleep settling so thank goodness we didn’t go away after all!

Apart from our holiday it’s been a pretty quiet month. We’re continuing to settle into our new home, which we’re still loving. Haven’t really tackled any home improvement projects although we have managed to put some shelving up in the laundry and some pictures on the walls. We also managed to have an airconditioner installed in the lounge room/kitchen area so we’re prepared for summer. The house just suits us so well it’s great. Kate and Harriet are also slowly exploring all the local parks, and have discovered one favourite one so far, on the banks of the river. Harriet is becoming a dab hand at slides and swings, although she still isn’t walking under her own steam it’ll only be a matter of time as she’s mastered the one-finger stroll along.

Anyhow a short post this month. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic start to 2010.

Kate, Andrew and Harriet xx

Posted by Kate on Dec 04 2009 under Scott News

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