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Visiting Grandparents and Settling In

The highlight of October was Andrew’s parents visit. Lindsay and Nancy came for a long weekend, arriving Thursday night and departing Tuesday morning and we packed a lot in. Lunch with my parents and Lizette, a great trip to the zoo and lots of hanging out together, with Harriet doing her best to look as gorgeous as possible. Needless to say her grandparents were completely won over, hopefully when we stay with them at Christmas the love lasts, as she is now into everything that isn’t nailed down….

Yes our gorgeous little girl is now a crawling machine, the new house and all the new space meaning she has completely mastered the art of crawling, and is making rapid progress towards walking. She now explores on her own, and is automatically drawn to the most dangerous object in the room. She curious as only a 13 month old can be, and loves to explore everything. She also loves to point at everything and anything, requiring an immediate answer as to what it is she’s indicating. Still not a lot of words being spoken, but her comphrension is amazing, even if she doesn’t actually respond the way you’d like! (i.e. Harriet, please leave the power cord alone = Harriet please grab the power cord and try to chew it!) We’ve moved down to only one sleep a day, which was not without its issues, but she’s starting to settle into her new routine, although she’s exhausted at midday and 7pm, her two new sleep times.

Other October happenings included a night out on the town with two sets of fellow parents (and the resulting coordinated babysitting) to see ‘High Society’ at Monash Uni which was an excellent production. Andrew also attended his birthday present from Kate, a chocolate and pastry course at a school in Brunswick, which resulted in two amazing cakes and a bag of sensational truffles. Kate’s thinking of signing him up for his Christmas present too, although it might be a bit obvious that the gift is really for her, as she does get to sample the results! Harriet also had her first swimming lesson with her uncle Dan, and Kate had a lovely day off, visiting Emily in Ballarat. Kate and Harriet have also joined a new playgroup which is proofing very successful.

And we celebrated the Melbourne Cup weekend with a ‘holiday at home’, five days of lazying and enjoying our new local area. We went for a walk along the river, sampled a couple of local cafes for breakfast, and generally did not a lot. Very, very pleasant and well deserved!

Looking forward to November, can you believe it’s only 7 weeks to Christmas! :)

Posted by Kate on Nov 06 2009 under Scott News

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  1. Bob Says:

    Saw yr cake on Flickr. It’s nothing compared to the chocolate swamp _I_ made last month. (http://kimbob-blog.blogspot.com/2009/11/bigger.html#cake). Cryptogastronomy.

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