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Play On

Opps! A bit late with the monthly update this month, what can I blame except a general level of slackness?! :)

We had a lovely April. Saw Adam Hills at the Comedy Festival and laughed ourselves silly; the man really knows how to work an audience, and tell a good yarn. We had dinner out beforehand at SeamStress, fabulous pork belly, a grown up sweet and sour pork, very yum! A great night out.

And the Easter long weekend saw us up at Mt Buller, at Mitre Lodge, for a lovely long weekend with friends and family. Lynne and Tim joined the usual skiing crowd for a weekend of walking (not that much), talking (a lot) and eating (way to much). It was a great group of people and we had a lovely time away. Harriet really enjoyed spending so much time with her Dad, and also her Melbourne grandparents, and they all had a great time with her. I think she was a bit shocked when come the Wednesday she was back at home with only her Mum for company! Lots of lovely photos on Kate’s Flickr page.

Kate also hosted a lovely afternoon tea with two expectant Mums, Andrew saw a very sureal MTC play, Realism, which was anything but, and the other highlight of the month was going along to a taping of Thank God You’re Here. Andrew’s been on the ticket list for some years and his number came up. We had six tickets, and invited Kate’s brothers as well as a couple of friends, to see the show. It’s taped at the Showgrounds, so just up the road from us, in the Poultry Pavillon. It was a great night out. Very funny, and the whole thing ran like a well oiled machine. Lots of fun, and really interesting to be at the taping of a TV show. We’re looking forward to seeing how it translates on to the little screen.

And our beautiful girl is going great guns. Finally willingly eating solids, and as you can see from the photo, getting more gorgeous and silly every day.

Posted by Kate on May 12 2009 under Scott News

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  1. Lynn Says:

    As always, Harriet is gorgeous, but the burning question – who was on Thank God You’re Here when you saw it?

  2. Aditya Says:

    Great photo…

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