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End of July and only six weeks to go!

Lakes Entrance Getaway

Deciding that we needed a last ‘sleep in, eat ourselves stupid, lie around and read the paper till 10am’ holiday, we headed down to Lakes Entrance for a week away. Our accommodation was in the hills at the back of the town, and was just gorgeous with a wood burning stove, a view of the ocean, and two massive couches. Oh, and a king-size bed, which meant that there was room for Kate, the bump, the pile of pillows Kate now needs to sleep, AND Andrew! Very exciting!! We lazed around a lot but managed to stir ourselves to visit the Buchan Caves, do a cruise on the lakes and even visit beautiful Metung. See Andrew’s flickr account for photos.

Andrew also celebrated his birthday while we were down at Lakes. It was low key, but really just what he fancied!

Baby Classes Galore

Having a baby nowadays seems to include attending a large number of baby and birth classes. We’ve now managed to complete the full set, some 5 in all! Some were better than others but we do now feel that, while we have no real idea of what it will actually be like, we have some understanding of some of the things that might happen, and some of the things that might help in various situations. So, we have as much of an idea as we imagine it’s possible to have without actually having a baby (or birth) to practice on.

The House is Ready

Also, our little house is now able to cope with the arrival of a baby, if it arrived tomorrow. With the help of Tim and Lynne, we’ve completed an intense couple of weeks of minor renovations.

The nursery is all set up. In addition to the cot and change table that we had in place last month, we’ve put down a rug, added a chest of drawers to hold the baby’s clothes, and cleared out all of the boxes that previously made the nursery more of a junk room. Now, it actually looks like someone could live in it.

The kitchen and bathroom have also had a bit of a make-over. Our kitchen has entered the modern age, as it at last has a dishwasher. It’s got another cupboard as well, to make up for the space lost to our new whitegood. The bathroom also has gained an appliance – this afternoon we put in a clothes dryer. The baby has provided us with the excuse we needed to get all the mod cons.

Other events

It’s also been a busy month on the social front. We helped Ben celebrate his birthday at the start of the month. On Friday we attended Alice and Damian’s wedding, which was a beautiful occasion.

And, finally, Andrew sat his final exam in the Grad Certificate in Applied Finance that he’s been studying. He’s very excited to be able to put away the books and get time back on the weekends and evenings.

Posted by Kate on Aug 03 2008 under Scott News

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