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Joyous June

New toilet

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Andrew’s trip to Europe

Leaving his long suffering pregnant wife at home :) Andrew headed over to Berlin and London in early June. The conference he attended in Berlin was perhaps a little lacklustre, but the business class seat on the plane more than compensated for it. And in London he met with some great vendors, and got to catch up with lots of London based friends including Catrin, Brendan and Rob & Lorayne, in fact crashing Rob & Loryaine’s ‘Farewell London’ party, as they were returning to Australia a day or two after Andrew’s visit.

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

As the last long weekend before November (who designed the year with such a massive gap?!) the Queen’s birthday long weekend must be celebrated! This year we headed down to Apollo Bay, renting a house with Claire, Benno & Althea, Sarah S and Sarah Mc. It was lovely and cold, so staying in, reading and eating cheese were the order of the day, and we did stir ourselves to do a small amount of bushwalking, and numerous trips to the local cafes. The house we booked was massive, at least 4 times the size of our home!

House news

We have a splendorous new toilet! Installed by Tim and Andrew it has pride of place in the bathroom. No more must we tolerate the old loo, which had significant discolouration, rocked when you sat on it the wrong way as well as some lovely cigarette burns on top of the cistern. This new one also isn’t inhabited by a poltergeist (old loo used to flush in the middle of the night for no reason) and uses about 2% the water of the old system. Our bathroom has entered the 21st century, and a very stylish poster hides the marks the old cistern has left on the wall.

Baby update

Now at 30 weeks and counting we’re starting to get ready for the impending arrival. Dan and Ben very gallantly lent their muscles to move the piano out of the spare room in early June (now re-christened the baby’s room) and the piano looks very comfy in its new home, the dining/music room. A cot and change table have been purchased and assembled (very freaky feeling when you have a cot in the house, makes it all seem very, very real), and Kate and Lynne have sorted their way through the various donations of clothes that kind friends and family have contributed. Bump continues to make good progress, and we’ve been attending one of the many birth classes we’ve signed up for, just another 1000 or so to go.

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