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25 weeks and counting…

Me with Tyler

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Yes, the 31st of May marks the official 25th week of pregnancy. Kate’s bought a giant foot-shaped pillow which has made sleeping a far more comfortable activity and at the 24 week check-up last week, ‘Bump’ kicked the heart beat monitor a number of times, obviously indicating that she was doing well. We’re still in the planning phase of putting together all the baby stuff we’ll need, researching cloth nappies and visiting other friends with limited space, and their nurseries, but we’re starting to realise that the time for buying is rapidly approaching; 15 weeks to go sounds both like a long time and a short time.

House-wise, we continue to plug away at our long list of Things To Do Before September. Andrew removed the old shower screen in early May, and installed a shower curtain and rail. It’s really made the bathroom feel larger, and taking out the old, mouldy, shower screen has really changed the look of the room. We have a super cute ‘ducks wearing raincoats’ shower curtain, which we may change, if we can be bothered shopping for another one. We also bought a dishwasher this month, which currently has pride of place in the kitchen. Not installed you understand, it’s currently acting as another bench-top till the Bunnings kitchen cabinets we have on order arrive and can be installed (hopefully late June) to make up for the cabinet we have to remove to get the dishwasher in (a small price to pay). We’ve also renewed our efforts to tame the garden. Last weekend Kate filled the green bin to overflowing, and managed to weed only ½ the backyard (thank goodness there was a good excuse to stop!).

To celebrate Mother’s Day, and to mark Andrew’s brother Rob’s 30th birthday, we took a surprise trip to Perth the weekend of the 10-11th. Not only was it a surprise to those in Perth who we were visiting, but also to us, with the decision made to travel on the Thursday night. Friday night we hopped on our Tiger Airways flight (basic, no leg room but at $135 one-way who can complain?) and finally checked into our hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Saturday we surprised Andrew’s family by turning up in Dianella and then Success, and Andrew had his moment of revenge over the couple of times his parents have visited him with no warning! We got to meet our gorgeous nephew Tyler for the first time, and what a cutie he is. Saturday night we caught up with friends, and Sunday we spent Mother’s Day with Donna and her family, as well as Nancy and Lindsay, before heading to the airport where, after a 2 hour delay, our QANTAS flight home finally departed. It was exhausting but worth it!

And the weekend after that, Kate’s parents came home from their 6 week jaunt to Europe, 4 weeks of which were spent campervan-ing around Eastern Europe plus a week in Paris and a week in Istanbul enjoying the F1 Grand Prix, and its crazy bread sellers. They landed at 4.30am and were at out our place at 5.50am, and then we drove them down to Mentone where Dan, Ben and Nana were waiting. They had a fabulous time, with all the tales and photos a good holiday provides. The same weekend, in a moment of madness, we also saw Opera Australia’s production of My Fair Lady (pretty good) and Bangarra Dance Company’s production of Mathinna (excellent). Needless to say it was a big weekend.

So scarily that’s May gone, bring on June!

Posted by Kate on Jun 01 2008 under Scott News

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