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April Fun!

It’s been a busy month of April. Kate’s traveled to Chicago for work, we had our 19 week baby scan, see photo opposite, and Andrew’s ventured out for the ANZAC dawn service.


Kate headed over to Chicago with work for two weeks in mid-April. She played ‘hostess with the most-est’ to a group of 24 senior managers. It was a great trip; a baseball game in the sleet (and 0 degree weather), a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and shopping on the Magnificent Mile were highlights. The conference centre, the Q Center, was about an hour out of downtown Chicago and was a just fabulous venue, nothing was too much trouble and a good time was had by all. The flights home were overlong, and the unexpected stop over in Sydney was a bit un-fun, but it was a good last overseas trip for awhile, and the side-trip to Denver on the way over, after American Airlines canceled the direct LA-Chicago flight was also an exciting scenic side trip!

Baby News

We had our 19 week scan in late April and our bub was given a clean bill of health, which was very good news! Kate’s starting to feel her moving around now, which is a pretty surreal experience, and Andrew’s managed to feel a light flutter as well (to Kate it felt like a really solid movement!). Apart from contracting a rather stunning Nth American cold, for which she couldn’t take any cold and flu tablets, Kate’s been feeling fine. We’re still waiting for the bump to really make an appearance, at the moment Kate has lost her waist but there isn’t really much of a bump as yet, not that she’s really complaining!

House News

House-wise Andrew’s done a great job finishing the second coat on the back of the house. We’ve also made a long list of all the things we’d like to get done before the bub makes her appearance. We’re starting to chip away at it, which makes us feel that we’re slowly making head way!

Other News

Andrew braved the ANZAC day dawn service, see his flickr account for photos. He’s also enrolled in a new subject, a legal one, which he’s not too sure about, but which will hopefully pan out to be an interesting, if different, topic of study. And we’re reading our way through a huge number of baby and pregnancy books, talk about information overload!

Posted by Kate on May 04 2008 under Scott News

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