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December Update, Somewhat Late…..

It’s been a lovely, slow, start to 2008, which you may be able to guess from the fact that this is being posted somewhat later than usual!

December turned out to be a pretty great month. We had the usual round of Christmas parties, including a standout, very posh affair, on the banks of the Yarra complete with masquerade theme and lots of lovely champagne. Kate took four ink drawing classes, which proved she won’t be making a living from the Fine Arts anytime soon, but were also a very interesting way to spend four Thursday evenings. Andrew got his marks back and passed his first two subjects with flying colours and we had our final bookclub for 2007.

Christmas saw us over in Perth for the Scott family Christmas (having celebrated with the Parsons’ the Monday before). Doug, Mitsuyo, Hannah and Rosie were over from Tokyo and it was lovely to see the girls and exclaim at how much they’ve grown in the last 10 months. Rob and Donna were both very well; Donna heavily pregnant with our next niece/nephew who we’re looking forward to getting to know soon! On Christmas Day the Scott clan sat down for the usual rowdy lunch and a good time was had by all. We also caught up with lots of friends, admiring growing baby bellies, children and home renovations. It was great to be in Perth for over a week, given that our other trips in 2007 have only been 2-4 days long.

We came back to Melbourne for a sweltering New Years Eve, and a garden that looked like we had abandoned it for several months, the three days of heavy rain just before Christmas having provided the weeds with an unprecedented growth spurt and the peach tree with the most massive fruits, forcing the branches to the ground. We saw in 2008 standing knee-deep in waters of the Bay just off Williamstown beach, enjoying the illegal fireworks and the 32 degrees heat.

We hope all of you have had a similarly pleasant end to 2007 and a great start to 2008!

Posted by Kate on Jan 09 2008 under Scott News

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