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Harry and the Tropics


Cow Bay
Originally uploaded by Kate Scott.

It’s been a cold old month in Melbourne but Harry, Andrew’s birthday surprise and our holiday to Cairns have definitely warmed things up!

A Well Kept Secret

Friday the 13th was Andrew’s birthday and Andrew’s parents, Lindsay and Nancy, came over from Perth to help celebrate. It almost killed Kate keeping the secret, pretty much everyone knew about the visit apart from the birthday boy himself, but it was all worth it to see the surprise on his face. We had dinner in the Docklands on Andrew’s birthday eve, and then went to see the Bombers play the Western Bulldogs at Telstra Dome, which was opposite Lindsay and Nancy’s apartment. Sunday we had both sets of parents around for lunch and it was lovely to share our home with our families. Lindsay and Nancy flew home on Monday morning, and we had a fabulous weekend with them, thanks for coming guys!

Harry Potter Mania

July was Harry month and we went along to the opening night of the latest film (Wed 11th), at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville with Claire, Benno, Catherine and Sarah S. Opinions were divided but it was a great night, and great to see the latest instalment of the film franchise. On Saturday 21st of July the last Harry Potter book was released and we headed into the city to pick up our pre-ordered copy, from Dymocks on Collin St. There was a choir, staff in fancy dress and, of course, lots of copies of the new book. We picked up our copies (one of Kate’s workmates let her pick up her copy so we could both read it straight away) and retired to a local café to get over the shock of getting up so early on a Saturday morning. See Andrew’s Flickr photos for a picture of Kate outside Dymocks with our copies. Needless to say we spent a lot of time reading over that weekend, and both really enjoyed the ending to the series.

Week In Cairns

We’ve just come back from a week’s holiday Cairns in Tropical Far Nth Qld, hence the lateness of this post. The weather was fabulous, as were Em and Dave and their gorgeous twins, Oscar and Violet as well as their son Oliver. We swam at Yorky’s Knob beach, went out to the reef and snorkelled, took a flight over the reef as well as driving up to Cape Tribulation and the Atherton tableland. There was just a massive amount to do, the weather was fantastic and we had some of the best Japanese food we’ve had for ages, well since our last trip to Japan, as well as seeing some amazing wildlife including sharks, stingrays, whales, nemos and turtles. See our Flickr accounts for some photos of our travels.

House Update

In very exciting news we’ve lined up a great builder to replace our stunning, green laser-light clad, veranda. And we have plans for the garden, and for painting the house. Sure we won’t have many free weekends for the rest of the year but hopefully we’ll have a new front to our house by the end of the year.

Other Cool Stuff

  • MTC production of ‘Enlightenment’. Not a great play, not a great set but great acting as always. This was put to the test when a box of ping-pong balls exploded across the stage, forcing the actors to complete the final scene of the act walking gingerly around the stage.
  • Veronica Mars Day – we watched the final 10 episodes of Season 2
  • We went to see The Waifs at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, a great night out and great music!

Posted by Kate on Aug 05 2007 under Scott News

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