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April in April!


Me, Catherine and Sarah
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I’m feeling somewhat proud as I’m actually logging this blog in April, rather than the month after which is what I’ve managed to achieve for all my previous posts.

So what news? What have we gotten up to this month?

Ah Easter, could there be a better holiday? Buns (which admitedly we have been eating since January) and chocolate eggs. Christmas does have pudding, ham and Xmas cake…. Yes, for me it’s all about the food!

Apart from stuffing ourselves with the afore mentioned goodies we also help Kate’s parents paint their house on the Saturday of the Easter break. It was lovely to be able to return some of the labour they’ve invested in our place over the last few months, and also to see ‘our’ wall come up all clean and bright after the paint was applied. Tim, Kate’s Dad, had done all the hard work, all the preparation, so all we had to do was slap the paint on the wall, trying not to get to much on ourselves or the ground. Mission accomplished. We also had our first proper outdoor entertaining event, with Catherine and Sarah coming over for lunch on Monday. This was made possible by a frantic day of gardening on the Friday, with Kate spending many hours in the yard pulling out the massive collection of weeds which had grown up. But now we have, finally, our green waste bin it’s hoped that we won’t allow it to get so out of hand again, now that there are fewer excuses not to weed.

House Matters
In our continuing quest to better our house we went along to the Melbourne Homeshow. I don’t think we’d bother again but we did find a few useful items including a screen door and compost bin which we might end up purchasing down the track. Lots of people selling slicers and other vegetable related products, and some very strange homewares including a ‘designer’ section which was bascially bug ugly. We did buy a very nice spice mix for South Indian curry, which goes to show how non-housey most of the show was!

We’re now seriously looking at how to go about updating the front of our house. Having spoken to the council it seems we need a building permit so we’re currently sussing out which drafting company to contract. We went for a long walk around the area over Easter and took lots of photos of houses we liked, feeling that someone might ring the police at anytime to report the two people lurking around and taking pictures of houses! So we have a good idea of what we’d like to achieve, even if we’re not entirely sure how to achieve it….

We also spent some quality time at Beacon Lighting and bought 9 light fittings, one for every light in the house. The electrician is scheduled to come next weekend to fit them all, plus replace all our powerpoints as they are all single points, not doubles. Finally the ugly ceiling fans will go!

Out and About
Melbourne Comedy Festival
Proudly, and basically only because Elizabeth rang us up and asked if we wanted to go along to a show she was booking tickets for, we managed to stir ourselves this year and attend the Melbourne Comedy Festival. We went to see Dylan Moran, who’d managed to sell out Hamer Hall (seats about 2000) nine times, very impressive. Unfortunately his show wasn’t less impressive, Dylan seemed tired and as if he was coming down with a head cold. Still, there were some very funny moments and it wasn’t a bad way to spend our Friday night, and lovely to see Bram and Elizabeth too.

Art of Bollywood and Sneaker Exhibitions
In another exhibition that shows why we love the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria – eh?) we went along to see the Art of Bollywood exhibition. Posters from some of India’s biggest films were on display, plus clips from films and a few costumes. Really the NGV can make something great out of, well, so little. Another great exhibition was Sneakers, which basically lives up to its title, a room full of sneakers. Particularily impressive were the ones which artists have painted, plus the furteristic metallic sneakers, hmmm, is the reason that they’re collector items because no one wants to wear them?

Bike Ride
Kate’s been riding to work since we moved into our new place and, very surprisingly, is actually really enjoying it. Sure it’s only a 15 minute ride each way, but still!!! On ANZAC day she got together with Catherine and Sarah and rode from Flinders St station to the Anglers Tavern Pub along the Maribyrnong River Trail. A good time was had by all, helped along by the fabulous weather. We travelled 14kms and felt very proud of ourselves, there’s plans afoot to do a similar excursion next month.

And final random comments….

  • We bought a new laptop and the Sims2 is currently being played a lot (Andrew says this is an understatement)
  • We celebrated Kate’s aunt’s birthday with a lovely dinner down at Mentone
  • We hosted bookclub at our house and Andrew made some great Toll House Cookies, see his blog for more info including the recipe.

Posted by Kate on Apr 28 2007 under Scott News

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