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February Fun


The birthday boyOriginally uploaded by Kate Scott.

The month of February passed in a blur. Events of note include:

Fine Dining
Our wedding anniversary (3 years!) saw us celebrate with dinner at Il Bacaro in the city. Chosen for it’s rating in Melbourne’s Fine Dinning guide (One Hat) it was indeed very fine. We also ventured out to the Heasville Hotel with Bram and Elizabeth and had an absolutely slap-up lunch with fabulous company. Lots of alcohol, lots and lots of food and all of it very good.

Purchasing of new couches
Many of you know the trials and tribulations we’ve had in recent years with our couches. Andrew’s much loved purple couch (6 foot long, covered in purple ‘fur’) found a new home when we moved to the UK, going to live with Kate’s cousin, Penny. When we got back from London Kate’s parents very kindly lent us their old office sofas to use till we purchased something new. Whilst they did indeed give us something to sit on they were not particularly comfortable, and lying down on them wasn’t really possible, making television viewing not quite as fun and being sick quite uncomfortable (no lying on the sofa moaning pathetically and mopping your nose repeatedly). So one of our first priorities when we moved into our new place was to purchase new sofas. In a stroke of good luck we found a fabulous set our first evening of looking which was not only small enough to fit through our front door but fabulously comfortable and discounted by $500. Bargain! We’ve had the couches for a couple of weekends now and still can’t believe our good luck.

Lindsay’s 60th Birthday
Andrew’s dad (Lindsay) celebrated his 60th birthday on Feb 28th so we headed over to Perth from the 2-6th of March to join in the celebrations. We spent the Friday and Saturday catching up with friends, including a night of belly dancing at Elly’s Tent, and then the Sunday and Monday with Andrew’s family. Doug, Mitsuyo, Hannah and Rosie flew in from Tokyo (and how big both the girls are from 12 mths ago!) and we stayed in Success with the lovely Rob and Donna which was great as always. The birthday party proper was on the Sunday night (Monday being a public holiday in Perth) and the weather was fabulous, reasonably hot during the day but when the sun set it was gorgeous sitting outside in the garden. Andrew and his brothers, Rob and Doug, gave a great speech honouring their dad, although there were calls of cheating by Andrew and Rob when it was discovered that Doug had written notes! It was great as always to spend time in Perth will all the family, we’re really looking forward having Christmas over there this year.

Posted by Kate on Mar 11 2007 under Scott News

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